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Writer's Block: More Island Time

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
Id take really thick books to last for a while but it doesnt matter as long as i read!~
5 books would be :
Breaking Dawn
The Viper
Reading David
The Thief Lord


Writer's Block: Dream Trip

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Ermm.. probably south korea.
because it seems nice . as a vacation .
and i'd like to meet the kpop groups there :P
and go to their performance and all that . and buy CONVERSES!
ahaha even tho i could buy them here , id still get them from south korea.
hehehe, and i could visit some of my friends too!

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?
Hmm i dont love it and i dont hate it either. i like it but ..
its just that its boring . Well, if you're single that is.
I'd eat chocolate by myself or do nothing for valentines day at all.
I mean , like hey its life
but .. i wish there was someone out there that day who would just tell me that they love me .
as in love me more than friend.
but hasnt happened.
I'm just some kid whos a teenager.

Artistic Skills;

I want to be there with you
Now or forever
Just being by your side
Its enough for me
Any girls come your way
Come to me
For the comfort you might need on your way
Just as long as I am noticed by you
I will be satisfied
Comments from me: AHHHHHH! SO TIRED ! I can't write as much poems these days! Its so hard~
Ahahaha. Jferxbaybee is my cousin. Such an odd childer, I must say. She made an LJ recently.

Mr. Snowflakey Guy drew on my arm during French Class. Very Artistic. He drew lines. LOL. thats it.
I got a bunch of As on my assignments then BAM! I got a C+. :( That Lecture Test thingy was hard like a bum hole.! 

Mr. Dinosaur.. he looked so down today. He was quiet. I wonder if something is wrong. but then after 12ish he was back to his normal self :)

Amazing13 was always near me today . yeap . we traded juice boxes (: awesomeness. I got apple juice and he got nestea in the end (:


Love is Somewhere

Love is something good
Love is something hard to find
But it's really there
Whoever drew this picture . Its reeeeally good.

This whoooole week has been tiring. My not so very smart cousin got into some weird fight which was dumb.
.. about being emo. :|

An awesome Korean friend is going back to Korea :( ): I'm gonna miss her. I got her a pig as a present. A stuff pig.

And high school was killing me cuz i was having stress about what courses i should take. But i've decided to take VIsual Art and Business. My alt is family studies. woot woot. in grade 10 i plan on taking foods . mmmmmmmmmm.

I hope a guy gets me chocolate on Valentine's day. hehehe.  hehehe . I prefer white chocolate :P

Theres been nothing new these days.

OOO..! I went to some sushi place yesterday. And mmmmmm was it good. 10.95 dollars. All you can eat. But our last order took like half an hour? ahaha so our tip was like a dollar something.

Oh yeah after 11 months i finaaly went on facebook.! WOOOOT!

aahahaa yeah.

Writer's Block: Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Ox starts today. What is your Chinese zodiac animal? Do you think you fit the description of the sign?
lol my chinese zodiac is the boar! ahah I guess i do fit the description of it

An Adventure

I dreamt of you
Swept off my feet
My prince charming
I am no sleeping beauty
I've been awake
Only blind to see true love
Something foolish
You don't have feelings for me

You led me on
And I follwed your every step
It was as if we were ball dancing
But we weren't

Only best friends
We'll turn back againest each other
One day
But when and where?
Most of all, why?
Comments from me: Ahahah I wrote this while my cousin was jumping on me . Hehehee.

WOOOOOOOOOT~ awesome party yesterday ~ we made awesome cupcakes. Vanilla and Chocolate. I ate three and a half! AHAHA. Then after that we went to a buffet. It was nice and good. But then after that i had a tummy ache :(, sad sad.

Then today. we went to the library. But then after awhile we had to leave because of umm a pipe in the basement broke and it was filled with hot water. We went to the dollar store and then a cafe but it was closed :( so we went to Mr. Sub~  ahaha but i didnt eat anything . Then we went home, worked on a project and woot.~

Oh and whos we..? its me, twinscoolio, twinskoolio, smac, and pengy~ aahaha ` :D

I was reaaaaally stressed out today . that i ended up crying . well i wasnt stressed about my math homework. but i dunno maybe its the family problems and stuff. i just bursted out crying but i'm okay now. it felt nice to cry.

Mr. DInosaur got a haircut :( i loooooooooooooooove his hair. its so nice and thin.~

lol well good night for now ahaha.~


Writer's Block: Clothing Options

When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?
comfortable and besides most fashionable clothes are mostly expensive. ~

It Wasn't Meant to Be

Foolish Play
I thought I could trust that person
Something that will last forever
But that person broke it
Broke my trust
I never expected it
I thought it was just talk
I told myself not to breakdown
A secret he was never to know about
Never meant to know

I guess I was wrong
What a fool I am
I dont want him to know
I dont want to risk our friendship
Shocking is not what I care about
I dont know what to do
I want to know what he feels about me
Right now
At this moment
Comments from me: Apples and banananas. Most of my poems have to do with life and what i currently feel like at the moment i write the poem down. This was written on Tues 13.~ Woo. I write my poems in a notebook and post the ones I want to post onto this blog!
I love pocky. With that picture up there ^ I will never eat beautiful ones. lol it soooooo preety. My favourite one is the one on the right side of the love one. ahahaa.

Hmm.. this person i reeeeeally trusted.. well for 2 years. Told mr. dinosaur that i liked him. yeeah. He keeps asking me if i do everyday since jan 14. I was a bit shocked first but now I'm more disappointed in that person. Because I told her secrets and now I cant anymore cuz I think she would tell someone that secret once and again. But .. mr.dinosaur likes someone else. So i prefered if we were just friends for now that is.

During math, my cousin Twinscoolio (: said she thinks me and mr.dinosaur are more like brother and sister. I guess soo.. perhaps. maybe. She thinks I would be better with Mr. Snowflakey guy. I dont know. We dont talk much only on special occasions. but thats it.

Me and mr.dinosaur did this thingy on his iphone where we put both our thumbs on the screen. and it said we are a handsome couple. Do you want to be together? And the answer were .. Accept , Yes or Ok. But I was like wth is no?! Odd childer.!

Woo tomrororw is Twinscoolio and Twinskoolio's birthday! woooooo~ And we are going to make cupcakes! ahahaha,~

For the project , we are going to a library this sunday~ wooot! I never been to it. It seems nice. Theres a cafe inside and it is quite expensive. And hooooooly snap, I have to finish four books sooner or later. But I am almost done Reading David. I like it even tho there are reeeeeeeeeeally big words in it. My fourth book I am starting is.. dun dun dun duuh! BAD KITTY by Michele Jaffe.

Writer's Block: Tricky Questions

What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?
'Oh SHIT! I hope its nothing bad !'


'I hope this person isnt gonna confess their undenying love to me. :| '



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